showreel & CV

Tamer Hassan

Hailed as one of the biggest Cypriot exports to Hollywood, English born Tamer is the second child of four. Having grown up in the South East of London, practicing his street-wise skills in boxing and football, Tamer showed his versatility from a very young age as an aspiring entrepreneur, turning his hand to sports clubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Tamer dreamed only of becoming a professional boxer, but was forced to change career paths, due to injury. An incidental encounter with his Agent, lead Tamer to early Television appearances including the popular UK TV series Eastenders.

Shortly after, Tamer experienced his first film break starring in the Calcium Kid with Orlando Bloom. Since then, his work has seen him in films such as The Football Factory, Layer Cake with Daniel Craig and his eye-opening lead as Charlie, in Nick Love’s now cult movie, The Business. Tamer has skillfully moved in and out of a plethora of feature and ensemble roles, including Kick Ass with Nicholas Cage, Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, 50 Cent’s Dead Man Running, Clash of The Titans alongside Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson and 2011’s The Double with Richard Gere.

Tamer is currently at the pinnacle of his career, after recently securing a role as Basher in the American TV series ‘24’ alongside Kiefer Sutherland. Other exciting film and television opportunities include Dracula, The Devil’s Harvest and Robot Overlords starring Ben Kingsley.

With a passion for writing, producing and directing also, Tamer has some exciting film opportunities lined up for the future.