Celebrity Soccer Six tournament

Tamar teamed up with celebrities from the world of film, music and TV at Soccer Six.

Actor Tamer Hassan, 46, was born and raised in New Cross.

His films include Football Factory, Layer Cake, Batman Begins and Clash of the Titans.

On Sunday, Tamar teamed up with celebrities including Omid Djalili and Brian McFadden to play other famous names from the world of film, music and TV at Soccer Six.

Vibe picked his brain on the World Cup and his current projects.

This Is Local London:

Vibe’s Jim Palmer meets actor Tamer Hassan

Let’s talk about the World Cup. Who’s going to win  it?

We are, England. Of course, why shouldn’t we? I think it is our time now.

We’ve been close a few times now. We have got a good enough squad. I’m not happy that he’s left Ashley out though.

I think it madness leaving him out. But he’s the guvnor, he knows what he’s doing. I’m all for bringing new talent in but, again, I’m for having experienced people that understand the world’s stage.

I think England will do well, as long as we don’t go to penalties.

Who do you think will be the player of the tournament?

Ronaldo. Always.

Do you have any superstitions when you’re supporting?

No, unless Turkey play England. I just sit on the halfway line. I’m a winner either way.

This Is Local London:

Competition was fierce against Olly Murs’ team at Soccer Six

Where do you like to watch the games?

At home. Pubs are too rowdy. I like being at home with my sons and a few of the lads with a few beers, watching it on my 60-inch plasma.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on 24 at the moment, then I’m off to Ibiza. I wrote a film called MDMA, which is about clubland in the nineties which I wrote and am going to be directing so excited. It’s in the vein of The Business.

Where are you filming 24?

It’s all round London. I did a lot of bits in Woolwich, which is just around the corner. It was lovely.